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Classifications, Hans Kuhn and Jorge Luis Borges

Two catalogs coexisted at the Bibliothèque Sino-Internationale: ancient Chinese books made use of the classical Chinese classification into four categories: classical works (jing 经), historical works (shi史), philosophical works (zi 子) and literary collections (ji 集). Post-1911 Chinese books, and books in Western languages, were classified by author. The question of the classifaction of knowledge […]

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La photo no 13 de la plaquette de la BSI 1934 fut prise au cours d’un banquet organisé le 31 Mai 1934 à Shanghai au 393 Route Fergusson. La légende en fin de volume indique la présence au repas des experts de la Société des Nations, de monsieur et madame Rajchmann [Ludwik Rajchmann], de monsieur

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Ex Libris of the BSI

It was to the Geneva graphic designer Hélène Hantz (1877-1963) that the Sino-International Library entrusted, in unknown circumstances, the drawing of its Ex Libris. Symbolizing the rapprochement made by the BSI in Geneva between China and the West, the illustration represents four notebooks bound in the Chinese style, placed on a book bound in the

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